5 Tips on How to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace mantel is often located at the center of the living room and is commonly the ideal place to set up a focal point. Decorating the fireplace mantel may seem like a simple task. However, many thought and design processes are involved in achieving the stylish and eye-catching fireplace that every homeowner wants. If you are planning to decorate your fireplace mantel, you can follow five easy steps to help you get started.

1.    Pick a theme

We often decorate our homes to fit different seasons and celebrations, Winter, Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. If you are décor enthusiasts who always love to decorate your home every season, picking a theme should be your priority when decorating a fireplace mantel. Is it for Spring? Is it for Christmas? Let's say modern, contemporary, or rustic farmhouse design? Decide on a particular theme or style first and go from there.

2.    Add an anchor piece

Once you have a theme in mind, the next you have to figure out is an anchor piece that will represent the style. There are different types of anchor pieces you can place. It can be a mirror, a painting, picture frames, or a giant vintage clock. An anchor piece will be the main decoration of your fireplace mantel, and it should not only be unique and eye-catching. It should also be a piece that has a sentimental value in you or a piece of artwork you love.

3.    Accessorize

Accessories and other décor items make your fireplace mantel look complete. Accessories can come in vases, candle holders, books, figurines, sculptures, picture frames, florals, and wreaths. The anchor piece is not enough to fully represent the fireplace mantel decoration style you want to create. You need to add a couple of décor items and a few accessories to spruce it up and make your vision come to life. Depending on the theme you want to create, pick your decors accordingly and display a couple of items just enough to fill the space without looking overcrowded or cluttered.  

4.    Create Contrast

Since the fireplace is usually the living room's focal point, you need to create contrast for it to stand out. A contrast in color and texture within the interior space draws the eye and catches guests' attention. The fireplace mantel should have a paint color that contrasts against the backdrop. If the location is in lighter colors, opt for a darker one in the fireplace mantel and vice versa. The decors and accent pieces should also contrast the background to stand out.

5.    Create balance and proportion

Create balance and proportion when arranging the anchor piece and the décor items. You have the option to go for a symmetrical arrangement. You can also achieve balance by placing a few small things on one side and balancing it out with a much larger or heavier item on the opposite side. Another way to add visual interest is to adapt the odd number rule in decorating. This means placing an odd number of décor or accessory items instead of even—for example, three vases instead of two.

There you have it! When it comes to décor, the choices are practically unlimited. You can simply tidy up your mantel top to represent your interests while exhibiting some of your finest artwork and collectibles. There's no need to buy anything new because many of the items that look great on a mantel are likely items you already own, such as vases, tiny posters, candleholders, and other decorating essentials. So be creative, and don't forget to have fun!

I hope you find this blog helpful!