In terms of cast stone, there are a few positives. It is often considerably lighter, more manageable, and quicker to manufacture and install than its natural stone counterpart. In addition, in many cases, it’s less expensive than natural stone.

 It is fire-resistant and allows for zero clearance from combustible material (no space required between firebox and this GFRC Stone material or surround facing), making it the perfect choice for gas or wood fireplaces.

Cast stone is made with GFRC Technology (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). Cast stone mix is then pushed through molds to give it a look that resembles the density and texture of natural stone. However, unlike natural stone, Our team can manipulate cast stone to be a specific size, shape, and color, which means if you like things to match, this is the best material for you.

GFRC is a specialized form of cast stone technology with many applications. Due to its unique properties and tensile strength, Our team can effectively use it to make fireplace surrounds, wall panels, columns, house trims, and cast stone countertops. One of the best ways to truly understand the benefits of GFRC is to take a deeper look into this unique compound.

GFRC is similar to chopped fiberglass (the kind used to form boat hulls and other complex three-dimensional shapes), although much weaker. It’s made by combining fine sand, cement, polymer, water, other admixtures, and glass fibers.